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Is Cheryl Scott Married? Personal Life and Relationship Status

Cheryl Scott, the well-known meteorologist, has been a familiar face on television for years, bringing viewers the latest weather updates and forecasts. Beyond her professional accomplishments, many fans are curious about her personal life, particularly her relationship status. Is Cheryl Scott married? This article delves into Cheryl Scott’s personal life and relationship status, providing an update for her many admirers.

Who is Cheryl Scott?

Professional Background

Cheryl Scott is a highly respected meteorologist who has made significant contributions to the field. She currently works for ABC 7 Eyewitness News in Chicago, where she has been a part of the team since 2014. Known for her accurate forecasts and engaging on-air presence, Cheryl has built a strong reputation and a dedicated following.

Education and Career

Cheryl Scott earned her Bachelor’s degree in Geological Sciences from Brown University and later completed her Meteorology Certification from Mississippi State University. Her career has taken her from WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania, to WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee, before landing her current role at ABC 7 in Chicago.

Cheryl Scott’s Personal Life

Relationship Status

As of the latest updates, Cheryl Scott is not married. However, she is engaged to Dante Deiana, a well-known DJ and entrepreneur. The couple’s engagement has been a topic of interest among her fans and followers, who are eagerly anticipating news of their wedding.

Engagement to Dante Deiana

Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana got engaged in July 2018. Dante proposed during a vacation to Hawaii, making the moment memorable and romantic. The couple has shared several glimpses of their life together on social media, often posting pictures from their travels and events.

Who is Dante Deiana?

Dante Deiana, Cheryl Scott’s fiancé, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. He is a DJ, music programmer, and entrepreneur, known for his work under the stage name Dante The Don. Dante is also the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Management at Tally App and has a successful career in nightlife and hospitality.

Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana’s Relationship

Public Appearances

Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana often make public appearances together, attending events and sharing their experiences on social media. Their relationship is marked by mutual support and admiration, with both frequently expressing their love and appreciation for each other.

Wedding Plans

As of now, Cheryl Scott and Dante Deiana have not publicly announced a wedding date. Fans remain excited for any updates regarding their nuptials and continue to follow their journey as a couple.

Cheryl Scott’s Hobbies and Interests

Athletic Pursuits

Outside of her professional life, is cheryl scott married is known for her athletic pursuits. She is an avid runner and has participated in several marathons. Cheryl also enjoys hiking and staying active, often sharing her adventures on social media.


Cheryl Scott is also actively involved in philanthropic activities. She supports various charitable organizations and causes, particularly those related to health and wellness. Her commitment to giving back to the community is an integral part of who she is.


While Cheryl Scott is not married, she is happily engaged to Dante Deiana. Their relationship has captured the interest of many fans, who eagerly await news of their wedding. Cheryl Scott continues to excel in her career as a meteorologist while enjoying a fulfilling personal life with her fiancé. Whether she’s delivering weather updates or sharing moments from her life, Cheryl Scott remains a beloved figure to her viewers and followers.

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